Apples, Grad Students, and Missions

I haven’t posted an update on the job front, so here you go!

We plan the way we want to live, but only God makes us able to live it. (Proverbs 16:9)

5 thoughts on “Apples, Grad Students, and Missions”

  1. Love!!! You crack me up!! I think your hair looks cute! Still praying. Let us know if you need to crash here!

  2. Awesome update. LGS! Love you and continuing to spur you along through prayer as God unfolds His mysterious plan. SO proud of you for continuing to walk by faith. Plan Faith!
    P.S. You have the best teeth ever! :)

  3. @Jo Ann – sooooo great to see you and pray tonight!
    @Deann – thank you for being some of my first Colorado family and so willingly taking me in!! Your prayers are so appreciated!
    @BGS – THANK YOU for all your spurring on and prayers… and did you catch the “landing on all fours”?? All from you. ;)
    LOVE YOU!!!

  4. Michele, my dearest friend and of my top five :) Your spirit, your strength, your honesty, your love for life, the Lord and your family and friends- you continue to inspire me ! I cannot find the words to express how very much I miss you. I am so proud of you, seeking new experiences and filling your well :) You changed my life for the better having known you and I wish you so much love, safety, and happiness. Love, love your idea of the blog :) Love you so much- Laurie W

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