Desert Bloom

The desert has become my happy place. I love everything about it.

But in all honesty, I’m learning to love everything about every place. I’m finding that the more aware of Presence that I am, I’m in the best place that I could ever be.

Things have been moving and shifting for me in ways that I never expected.

I started this blog five years ago…at a turning point, one in which I described as a decision to “truly pursue Him”.

But today, I would say that I was more surrendered than ever before to allow Him to pursue me.

I would tell you that I was not truly following Him in times past, which is why I made so many poor decisions and why things turned out the way they did.

But today, I would say that following Him was irrelevant, because Love is unconditional. And He is Love and Love is always loving me.

Love is what I was created for.

So while the desert is blooming right now, I’m sweetly reminded of Love by the wildflowers all along the way and at every turn.

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During other seasons, I seldom take notice of the bushes that surround me. But they are there whether I realize it or not.

And He is the Way that I am always traveling, a Way marked by so much Grace and Peace.


And Grace and Peace blooms in the sideways and byways, too.  In these hard places, I’ve found joy and vulnerability have been the soil for them to blossom.

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What a comfort to be reminded that I can never escape His Presence.

To know that I don’t have to search anymore.

I was found long before I started searching, and Love never stops pursuing me.