New York

Don’t let the title mislead you. I’m not off to New York… but I am now officially a Colorado girl!

And to kick off my status as a Coloradoan, I want to share a video with you.

The context: Mindy, Olaf and I had just finished cleaning and clearing out the condo we were renting together in Scottsdale. As soon as we pull out of the complex, one of my most favorite songs, mainly because it has a beat that just gets me moving and makes me happy, as you’ll see… ((enter Jay-Z, Empire State of Mind)). But there are some encouraging lyrics, too!

While I’m full of joy in this video, I must admit that the last week and half since has been really hard. But I’m learning to draw on God’s strength like never before and trying to rest in the reality that major transitions just come with that. Thankfully, I’ve captured this moment that truly epitomizes one of the dearest relationships I left behind… me and my Pinzie.

You might not be able to hear everything, but you’ll get the gist… me being loud and obnoxious and her just dealing with it. ;-) She does warn me of the hazard I could be causing other drivers as the light is much brighter than I perceive it to be. And then she happens to point out, “You’re not going to New York!”

But hey, can’t I find a “concrete jungle where dreams are made” and “where there’s nothing you can’t do” in Colorado?

I say, yes!

Stay tuned!