It’s the little things in life

Second to the mountains, one of my most favorite things about Colorado are the 8 oz. servings of coffee I can order in most coffee shops. Not only is it the perfect amount for me, but they’re just so darn cute!! I thought it was most fitting to capture the size in comparison to one of Joshua’s sippy cups! (Joshua is the precious son of my friend Julie, who I’ve been staying with since I moved here.)

Truly, I just light up at the sight and sip of these little things every time!

And of course, I light up at the sight of this little one every time! I’ll miss seeing his little face each day!

Joshua – about to be a big brother any day!!

PS. I am moving to a place in Denver today. More to come on that!
PSS. I know I still need to fill you in on the details of my job… stay tuned!

One thought on “It’s the little things in life”

  1. HI Michele
    Glad you have a job. I never got the info about what it is. Let me know. I have a good friend in the Denver…Christian, male, single! I am not a blogger but there is always still e-mail. Love you..JO

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