Yeah I’m the Wanderer…

Yeah, the Wanderer

I roam around, around, around…

Ok, this song is totally in my head right now because it’s sooooo me! Well, kinda sorta… minus the part about being a ladies’ man!

It is Thursday afternoon and here I am, at some coffee shop I stumbled upon in Denver for a pit stop as I’m driving through from ‘the Springs’ (look at me, using the local lingo!) to Boulder today… because, I can do that!

So we’re just past the hump day and I’ve slept in three different beds this week… hold on, like I said, the Wanderer song doesn’t fully apply here! Let me explain…

First couple of nights were spent in Boulder with my dear friend Jules and her family. This is where I have been since arriving to Colorado and it has been great!

Then, on Tuesday I was off to the Springs for a job interview and was invited to stay the night at an awesome family’s home there in order to be spared the  four hours it would take to drive there and back in one day! Seriously, it pays to know awesome people who know other awesome people. I was connected to this family through a friend in Scottsdale. They were also the reason I scored the interview, and then, to top it off, they fed me dinner, let me watch the latest Voice episode, and gave me a comfy, warm room to lay my head! And did I mention they double as a virtual tour guide?!

They provided me with a mapquest link of about eight different places to visit (also in the email was personal insight noted with each location) to give me a feel for the city! And so off I went, wandering around! Again, taking a pit stop in a local coffee shop where I got online and discovered a Holy Yoga class taking place this morning and decided to reach out to the instructor via Facebook and introduce myself. Well, wouldn’t you know… that turned into a phone call and another invite from a ‘stranger’ for a nice place to stay for the night.

So I had a yummy Mediterranean meal from a pseudo-fast food spot called Garbanzo (great name, huh?) and decided to take my new friend up on her offer. Of course, she was amazing and so was her family, and I attended her incredible Holy Yoga class (live music and all!) before hitting the road back to Boulder.

Seriously, am I so very blessed or what? I could get used to this wandering life…

PS. The job interview went really great!

PSS. While on a tour of the Olympic Training Center, I believe I may have been hit on by a military man. I guess after ten years, it’s hard to tell. Or maybe, that’s why I’m still single!! Unfortunately, he seemed to be a bit old for me and not really my type (whatever that is!), but I let him know how grateful I was for his service!

PSSS. I did meet another male named Murphy who I got pretty close and personal with…

4 thoughts on “Yeah I’m the Wanderer…”

  1. Those Barretts have been some of my favorite people for a long time! So glad you were able to connect.

    Thanks for taking us on your journey!

  2. Michelle…So good to hear what’s been going on. Will be praying for you to find the perfect job. Murphy looks like a little larger version of our schnauzer, LILI. Is he a schnauzer?

  3. Deann said the exact same thing about you, Betsy! And I LOVED the story of the timing of Martin needing a place to live!

  4. Judy – sooo funny! He was a rescue and they told them he was a schnauzer, which is what they were looking for! But, they’re now thinking he’s a wheaton terrier! Thanks for your prayers!! Please give my regards to Doug!

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